Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Bath Peregrine ringing

Ed Drewitt with one of the chicks after ringing

Monday, 17 September 2007

Peregrines have been inhabiting the city of Bath for a number of years now. A nest box was constructed on placed on St. Johns by the Hawk and Owl Trust (www.hawkandowl.org/) in 2004. It took until 2006 for the female to lay the first clutch in the box. They were very successful and fledged four young. Both adults remained around the church over the winter and again nested in 2007. This year the female laid three eggs although only two hatched, the first being on the 1st May. Both hatchlings were ringed on the 21st May. As well as the stardard BTO ring (see http://www.bto.org/ringing/ringinfo/index.htm for more information), a light blue colour ring with two black letters was placed on the other leg. The letters used this year were "AA" and "AB". Both birds fledged successfully on the 12th June.